Project Description

A strong urge to remove themselves from volatile and un-predictable fossil fuel markets, the homeowner quickly realized that geothermal was the most cost-effective and efficient way to do this. For this McKenzie Towne split level new built, no natural gas line was installed.

  • 2 geothermal boreholes drilled to 300ft each
  • 3 tons of geothermal capacity
  • All Forced air heating & cooling
  • Geothermal domestic hot water pre-heat
  • No natural gas: 100% geothermally heated since 2011 for about $240/year!
I was initially interested in the geothermal system due to it being a greener technology than traditional heating and cooling systems. Having geothermal in my house also means I do not use natural gas and that’s one less bill to worry about. Koen at Thermal Creek has been very helpful at all steps of the planning and installation process, and ensured I was fully educated on how the system works, what to expect, and how to ensure it runs smoothly in the future!
Queenie, home owner