Net-Positive Acreage Home in Lacombe

Our friends from Sunfind Solar made this video for one of our joint projects.

This client built a roughly 4,000 sqft bungalow (basement & main) and we installed one of our NORDIC Triple-Function heat pumps which provides the house with radiant in-floor heating in the basement and forced air heating & cooling on the main floor.

The geothermal field has 4 boreholes drilled vertically.

The house has NO natural gas connections.

The ultra-efficient geothermal system heats at 400-500% efficient year-round! The electricity required to run the system, and the rest of the house, comes from the Solar PV installation.

As a result, for most of the year, the client is having negative utility bills!

Read a comparison matrix on how best to achieve NetZero in AB residential here: NZE-Comparison-matrix