Ever wonder how a home can be “Net-Zero” and still use a gas furnace…? So do we. Sure, you can calculate the gas consumption and then miraculously try and off-set that with solar PV panels. Not only is that often physically impossible on a typical house, but also it means that we’re still fracking & burning gas with all of its negative effects on Climate Change.

A cleaner alternative

A much cleaner and better alternative is using a combination of geothermal heating & cooling and solar PV. We believe that this is where the future of home-building is.

About a year ago we embarked on this vision with a client of ours. She shared our vision of minimizing fossil fuel usage and eliminating exposure to the volatile energy markets.
For her 2700sqft two storey house in Calgary, we not only designed her geothermal heating and cooling system, but we also sized her Solar PV installation so that it would more than offset the electrical usage of the geothermal system.

Earth and Sun working together

This remarkable marriage between geothermal and solar PV creates in our opinion a True Net-Zero home. There is no combustion and no on-site emissions. 85% of the heat for the house comes from the Earth and the other 15% from the Sun to power the geothermal system. This is the way of the future…

More posts to follow on this concept and install.